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Tue, 30 Mar 2004


I blew up my computer today.

sad G4 chip


Thu, 18 Dec 2003

More MDD temperature hacks

I’ve previously reported on the remarkable effects of nap mode on CPU temps in Apple’s troubled MDD Power Macs. Somebody with the Verax fan kit finally tried enabling nap with good results.

Sadly I ended up giving up on nap mode under 10.3 because it caused kernel panics. Now that 10.3.2 is out, I’m going to give nap mode another try, but it is only going to get one chance :-).

While looking around on G4 Noise I found a reference to Paul Apostolou’s remarkable discovery that Apple’s fan settings are set in software . I still think this whole fan control system must be turned off when nap mode is enabled, but it’s still a neat discovery in its own right.


Sun, 16 Nov 2003

Nap mode on a Power Mac G4-MDD

I should be tooling but instead I wrote up my observations on the effects of CPU nap mode on Power Mac CPU temperatures for G4 Noise.

You can toggle napping using the command line tool hwprefs. This makes it to enable napping at boot time.

I’m not having a good time writing the report I’m working on. It’s not going to make anyone happy.