House Stories

A bunch of random stories about the

A. G. Comings House

Built circa 1890

249 Elm St
Oberlin, OH 44074-1503

Current home of Robert Calhoun and Elizabeth Wilmer.

The house is in pretty good shape for a "century home" but nevertheless there is a long list of things to be done. It seems like I spend at least one and sometimes both weekend days working on our house.

Many of our friends are engineers or geeks of some other flavor, and as a group we seem to have a lot of interest in old houses. Some of our friends have actually flown out here to work on the house as a vacation! I'm trying to put up a couple of web pages so they can see how the work is going, and to keep a historical record of the changes we're making to the house.

The house is an in interesting example of Victorian architecture in in its own right, so maybe these pages will be of interest to others as well. The floorplan is unusually open for a house of its time period, possibly because A. G. Comings (bookseller and Oberlin mayor) had statewide political aspirations. It's a great house for throwing parties.


-Rob Calhoun

House exterior

Exterior Shots

Photos of the exterior of the house.

House interior

Interior Shots

Photos of the interior of the house.

jackscrew colonnade

2002 Kitchen Renovation

Day-by-day account of the structural remediation we had to do to keep the house from falling down. (Incomplete...)

Porch Reconstruction (Also incomplete...)