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Kitchen Renovation: Structural Work

All my geek friends like blowing stuff up, so here's a blow-by-blow of the work we're having done on our house. We do most of the work on our house ourselves, but this was way out of our league. We turned to Mural and Son, an engineering and construction company in Cleveland that specializes in foundation repair and other structural problems.

Calling this a "kitchen renovation" is a bit of an overstatement. We're not actually going to be changing the kitchen due to a lack of money, time, imagination, etc. This work is purely to repair the structural damage to the house. After that, we're going to patch things up and leave it until we can figure out how actually renovate the space.

-Rob Calhoun 15 FEB 2002


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Day 0

Photos from before the work got started and explanations of what the problem is.

new footings

Days 1-2

Digging and pouring of new footings.

House interior

Day 3

Structural members revealed.


Day 4

Temporary shoring installed.


Day 5 and 6

New joist in basement, LVL beams put into ready position.

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