Kitchen Renovation - Day 3

On the third day, Ray the carpenter joined Chris and Bernard. They tackled the kitchen itself, removing plaster and drywall to expose the structural members. This was a dusty, dirty job as plaster removal always is. I took some pictures after they had left. They did a great clean-up job before leaving for the day so you don't see the worst of it.

North post 

Here's the north post. To the left you can see a header over the doorway that was here. Elizabeth figured that as long as we were going to spend the money to have this beam redone, we might as well extend it another 3 feet and get rid of the useless doorways.

North post exposed 2.

North post again from a slightly different angle. The jagged metal is just the metal edging used when finishing drywall.

Close up of post

Close-up of the north post with its doubled 2 x 4. I don't think the 1970s contractors did a very good job of sistering this stud segment into the existing stud. The load is high enough that the stud segment has peeled away from the stud it is nailed to.

It's scary how much of the house was resting on this one post.

4 door space

North post from the other side. You can see a bit of the crazy 4-door intersection here. There's some really primo green zig-zag wallpaper around the old door frame, but my lame digital camera doesn't have enough resolution to pick it up.

This house has an amazing amount of ugly wallpaper. I love finding wallpaper, though, because wherever there is wallpaper, there is hope of facile lead paint removal. Wallpaper appears to be the original surface finish in the house; below the wallpaper is usually bare plaster.

south post

This is the south post. It's not a very good picture so I'm not going to point things out.

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